Welcome to the NEW USA/CAN Cycling To Serve Rotary Fellowship Website!

One component of the fellowship's reboot is improving how we communicate to our members and to the world at large. We want to make it easier for members and other cyclists to find information about Rotary club sponsored cycling events near their homes and around the country.  This new site will streamline the process of all this communication as well as providing a sustainable platform for future fellowship leaders to continue the efforts established by today's board of directors.  We hope you find the new site helpful!  We will be continuing to improve the site and will be adding additional content, so check back often!

The International Fellowship ‘Cycling to Serve’ is a group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting cycling as an opportunity for fellowship and service. The Rotary Cycling to Serve USA/Canada Chapter is the North American connection to the International FCS Rotary Fellowship.  Learn more on our History page!

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Rotary Fellowship Cycling to Serve

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