The International Fellowship ‘Cycling to Serve’ is a group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting cycling as an opportunity for fellowship and service. The Rotary Cycling to Serve USA/Canada Chapter is the North American connection to the International FCS Rotary Fellowship.  Learn more on our History page!

The objectives of theFellowship are to:

  • Develop and promote world-wide friendship through cycling both competitive and recreational
  • To serve our communities locally, nationally and internationally through cycling activities
  • To promote international understanding and peace through cycling activities

In North America, we focus on the D5500 Ride to End Polio event in Tucson every November as our Fellowship's annual ride fundraiser and fellowship ride.  Internationally, our main activity includes the annual Fellowship Cycling to Serve World Championships, a 4-day cycling event.

Membership is open to all Rotarians, their partners and to members of Rotaract.

The main focus of these touring activities is to keep the cycling more relaxed so that partners may participate and friendly ties can be formed amongst the participants. These friendships can and have lasted throughout the years.


Rotary Fellowship Cycling to Serve

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