In 1984 the Rotary Club of Herentals in Belgium, as a fund raising activity, organized the first World Rotary Cycling Championships.

The club organized the races again in 1985 and 1986 but then decided that the effort was too much for a single club.

Some Belgian an Dutch participants to the races got together in 1988 and decided to establish a Rotary Fellowship.

The International Fellowship Cycling to Serve (FCS) was ratified in that year by Evanston. The races were now organized by the club Torhout-Houtland, also in Belgium.

Since then, races and events have been organized annually by clubs in various countries including:

            • Belgium
            • Germany
            • Switzerland
            • France
            • England
            • Italy
            • The Netherlands
            • United States

Entrance fees to the races are distributed as prize money to the winners to be donated to the Community Service of their clubs.

In addition to the annual race, touring activities of the FCS crystallized into a 4-day event over the Ascension day weekend. These activities were held for the first time in 1991 and organized by The Rotary Club of Thionville in France. This has also become an annual event which has taken place in many countries.

The main focus of these touring activities is to keep the cycling more relaxed so that partners may participate and friendly ties can be formed amongst the participants. These friendships can and have lasted throughout the years.


Rotary Fellowship Cycling to Serve

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