2018 Ride for Medical Research

  • 04 Mar 2018
  • 09 Mar 2018
  • Bendigo, Australia to Wangaratta, Australia

Here’s your chance to be part of this great cycling event! In our past rides the cyclists have dealt with the extremes of weather, gentle undulations, galling winds and punctures from bindi’s, but they managed to build up strength and team spirit to continue for the main cause, Riding For Medical Research (through Australian Rotary Health), and discovered they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

How to participate?
You can participate as a Rider or as a member of the Support Crew.

All riders welcome.
With 3 or 4 ride groups, of 10 to 15 riders, we are able to group people of similar fitness levels. This ride is quite structured, so  team start times are staggered to try and get everyone together as a large group at lunch each day. At the end of the day we try and get everyone in within roughly  1/2 an an hour of the expected finish time, but it’s not a race.
The beauty of it is you don’t have to be supremely fit or a great rider, just ready to challenge yourself. Unlike the Great Vic, which is an individual ride, this ride is about working in one of the 3 or 4 groups helping others extend their ability, whilst challenging yourself and having great fun at the same time, making new friends along the way.

Support Crew.
We also need people to be part of the support crews, as Team drivers, first aid, photographer/video and logistical support. For the drivers we will provide sponsored vehicles for you to drive and cover fuel costs.
(Support crew receive a discount off the normal Ride cost.)

What do you get out of it?                                                                                                                                           
– Learning about your capabilities & challenging yourself.
– Having Fun with like minded people.
– Riding in a structured ride over six days with an emphasis on fun and “Safety on the Road”.
– Fundraising for medical research  through Australian Rotary Health – If each rider could raise $100 to $1000 it will  really make a difference!

– A Free polo shirt, for wearing to dinner each night, will be supplied to all Registered Bike Riders and support crew  on the 2018 ride.

How far will I ride?
As little or as far as you like, within the limits of the daily route, generally at least 100km’s will be available to aim for. Riders will be in 3 or 4 groups, depending on ability and fitness, ranging from those who train regularly to those who have not ridden for a long time or only ride occasionally.
(You can change teams if you wish, if there is space available, as your ride fitness increases as we go along.). 

Support vehicles will pick you up if you are tired and need a rest or feel uncomfortable riding due to traffic, the weather, etc.
At times the overall daily road distance may require teams to be relayed to help cover the entire route as a collective group. We endeavor to minimise this as much as possible, particularly with the stronger rider teams, however it can allow us to drop riders in locations that  provide everyone with a challenge, but be within their ability. On some days we may travel a short distance in vehicles to reach a start point, either for safety or logistics.
When it is deemed safe to do so we may open the ride up in sections to a free ride, still with support, but giving you the chance to see what you can do, usually covering 30 or more kilometers at a time.
Again you only go as far and as fast as you feel comfortable with.

Speed:- Groups average from 15kph up to 35kph or more.

Duration:- Six days with a 3 day/night option available, Bendigo to Albury or Albury to Wangaratta, (See brochure or registration for details).
Note :- We will meet at a location in the Boronia area on the Sunday Morning and travel to the start point in Bendigo in the support vehicles. You can also meet us in Bendigo if you prefer, however our return transport from Wangaratta will only be to the Boronia start meeting point.

Distance:- Approximately 600kms,

Accommodation:- Shared accommodation in motels, cabins or hostels/lodges.

Breakfast, lunch, Dinner and some snacks provided, with regular breaks along the ride. You may wish to bring along your own snack items, energy bars or energy drinks. Each team’s support vehicles will carry plenty of water.

Support/rest and relief vehicles sponsored by car companies, organisations and community groups are used, along with Scout & patrol vehicles,  with radio/mobile phone communications. For safety, in each group we have a lead vehicle and a following vehicle towing a purpose built bike trailer. For safety reasons you may be picked up and driven at times, particularly if road conditions, traffic or inclement weather become a concern.

All participants are covered by Rotary’s insurance, however you should have your own Ambulance cover
and insurance for your Bike (available through Bike Victoria).


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